The American Foundation for Educational Excellence is an organization whose mission is to improve higher education globally.

Our emphasis, initially, is in the Middle-East.
We are a team of educational experts, with decades of experience, who are dedicated to helping universities pursue excellence and climb the national and international pyramids.

Assessing Needs

We conduct different types of studies to determine areas for improvement, identify problems, find their causes, list possible solutions, identify goals, and pinpoint needed changes.

Improving Programs

We work with higher education institutions to improve their academic programs by conducting appropriate analysis, review, and program evaluation, and we help them to successfully implement the changes we recommend.

Building New Programs

We utilize market analysis findings to facilitate planning and development of new programs designed to increase an organization’s market and presence in the field, and to better match local job market demand.

Facilitating Accreditation

We assess the university’s readiness for accreditation and provide consulting services to position them to meet accreditation standards.


Our Services are Sealed with Excellence!

We work closely with our clients to ensure that our services are tailored to meet their needs.

We help institutions improve their national and international standing!


Improving Higher Education…

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If your institution wants to improve its standing…

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